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”Top management” of Consortium TDR consists of experts in planning, organization and general management who have acquired long experience in business and qualified Italian and international organizations.
They have matured, during their work experience, technical and economic experience on planning, industrial automation and services systems, development plans of local districts in Italy and abroad, activity of economic and social cooperation in underdeveloped nations (especially Africa) and directly managed companies owned by production of goods, services, new technologies and marketing.
The members of the "top management" have experiences in international economic and social Committees, particularly in the Europe, Italy and Africa.
All together, the members of ”top management” of Consortium TDR covers, with the own expertise, a wide sphere of knowledge and have attitudes directed at the executive management of business development and the services of Public Administration, having as objective the profit of the operation and enforcement of behavioral norms and the involvement of resources in achieving the objectives.

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