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Extract of Statute

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The Consortium TDR has the following objects:
Execution works and constructions industrial, railway, civil, reinforced concrete walls, road, plumbing, tunnels, bridges, aqueducts, pipeline, sewers, tanks, etc., are in just that by means of assumptions of contracts private, international, national or regional, public or private;
Construction, purchase, sale of goods, store or group of buildings of things, warehouses or complexes;
Sale and the barter of building areas, agricultural leases and lands, land earmarked for tourism and trade and lands of any nature; of any activity connected with a report and housing in general, and in particular demolition, earthworks, etc.; of any work and activity having relation and logon with building and in particular demolitions, excavation, and earth up;
Production and purchasing of supplying, equipments, matter the above mentioned systems or of having relationship with building;
Ideation, planning, production, repair and commercialization (import-export) in the fields mechanical, electromechanical, electric, electronic, microelectronic, plastic, buildings, chemical and derives, textile and technical applications in general, handicrafts for products managerial and multimedia hardware and software;
Management of Internet and Intranet nodes and the development of connected advising and marketing activity;
Planning and realization of web sites;
Collaboration with agencies, university and enterprises for realization of studies and common plans and projects;
Consulting and collaboration in plans of socio-economic development in the fields of the industry, agriculture, commerce and services;
Planning of intervention for modernization, organization and training on behalf thirds party.
Consortium TDR can buy the property of real estate, systems, facilities and equipment for the previously mentioned activities.

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