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Team manager curriculae



Been born in Genoa, Italy, 1937-12-25
Graduate in Economy and Commerce
Promoter and President of Consortium TDR
Manager of Organization, Planning and Strategic Development in Industrial Groups and International Companies that occupied until 154.000 dependents and operated, altogether, in 48 fields (agriculture, extractive industry, manufacture industry, services, communication, publishing, chemistry, search, trading, computer, broadcasting communications, security, etc)
Promoter and manager for advising in own Services Company.
Member of national and international governmental Committees to plan economies and job development and trade-union relationships.
President of no-profit associations for the development of social relations and of better life conditions in the underdevelopment countries.


Been born in Iran 1955-12-22
Graduated in architecture to Turin - Italy
Promoter and Director of Consortium TDR
Promoter of the Technical Key, professional company for constructions projects in Italy and abroad, Joint venture of enterprises in European Union and underdeveloped nations.
He is expert in:
international relations for social, economic and trading (commodities, agricultural and industrial products).
technical, managerial and organizational processes in the sectors of the constructions, for industry and Public Administration
computer science technologies and communication.


Been born in Como, Italy, 1949-11-8
Professional Diploma
Sole trader of Italians companies operatives in the sectors of electro, mechanical and electronic.
Promoter of the international company named Blesh Group (CH), for trading and transportation.
Representative of Deneb AG (CH), Denebag Ltd (Dubai - UAE) and Denebag Ltd LLC (Oman) Expert of purchases systems, machinery, raw materials and produced goods in progress and ended.
Manager of points of sale in the Great Italian Distribution and supplying for the same GD of products of wide consumption.

Mr. Mohammad Jafar Khoshoei

Been born in Tehran, Iran, 1949-07-28
He is power attorney and G. Director  of  Consortium TDR for Asia  and Cyprus.

Chairman department computer in university economic & mathematic Karj before revolution .

Management programming & corporation IDRO.

Expertise economic council

Chairman board of director organic fertilizer company


Born in Albenga, the 11-10-1952.
Free-lance. Holder of the study of engineering “Fiori Engineering Co.”
Degree in Aeronautical Engineering achieved at the Polytechnic of Turin in 1977. Registered in the order of engineers in the province of Savona (Italy)



Cav. Prof. Francesco FONTANELLA

Born in Vittoria (RG) Italy on 1948
Kinigt of Grace O.S.J. Malta - at the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.
Studies in geology, chemistry and humanities in the Italian Universities. Organizational experiences in the petrochemical and financial sectors and  in the area of subsidized finance for international trade and investment projects.
Studies and implementation of projects in the Sector industry, agro food, social, environmental recovery, health and tourism to develop International economy.
Teacher of economics, finance and management at state and private secondary schools.
CEO & Co-founder of the "FINANCIAL GROUP Ltd" – London and "FINANCIAL GROUP" Sh.p.k. Albania.



Been born in Vicenza, Italy, 1953-01-02
Non-graduate engineering
Expert of international trade (import-export of machinery, commodities, raw materials and used rails)
Expert of contracts and international prices
Organizer and coordinator of international Joint venture in the field of commodities


Been born in Havana, Cuba, 1970-01-04
Bachelor in economy (Moscow - Russia)
Expert of Managing computer science and communications publishing review
Responsible Cuba shipment unit and supplies in companies of the field chemical-cosmetic with natural products
Expert of Relations with the countries of the Center and South America

Architect Hasti FATAH

Born on 29.06.1961 Altamim, Iraq
Graduated in architecture in Turin in 1987
Specialization in safety in construction site construction manager, development, project manager to lend lease company (multinational company)
Experience in the building industry for over 20 years.
Management and organization of large construction sites
Founder HIC Group



Dr. Nadia Murabet



Born in Tripoli, Libya
Degree in Business Administration, Founder and Director of "Miracle Africa International Foundation" and President of "Vision Media.
"Global Achievers Award from the African International Media Summit 2008, already awarded to Nobel winners, Nelson Mandela, Wole Soyinka, Kofi Annam and Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.
"Project Manager" in the first "Libyan Energy & Development Conference".



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