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Consortium TDR operates for the improvement of business of one the industry and/or for the best accomplishment of the services to the citizen from part of Public Administration, beyond that to design to new enterprises and services.


  • Improvement of the methods and the management of the enterprises
  • Localization and markets
  • Better use of the company resources
  • Concentration
  • Critical points and their overcoming
  • Emergency of the systems

Public Administration

  • Improvement of the services and the procedures applied
  • Automation of the structures
  • Communication to the public
  • Network of the structures
  • Security and Emergency


Zero Base Budgeting: It concurs not to travel over again the philosophy that has carried to the truth that is wanted to be changed, but identifies the new organizational items in connection with objects that they are wanted to be caught up: not always, the progress happens in continuity over all in presence of the new technologies.
Organization by objectives: It establishes, in the enterprises and in The Public Administration, the criterion base of services and operations that must carried out and pursued, putting its self to the center of the operations.
Cost and/or Profit Center: It characterizes the units that supply one equation cost /benefits in order better control of the economic aspects.
Work Flow Analysis: It puts in relief the sequence of the operations and situation of dispersion and/or overabundance.
Rule and responsibility Assessment: It indicates the decisional process and its necessities of participation.

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