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Joint Venture


Consortium TDR thinks that, in a “ global economy”, it is strategic to develop actions of industrial , technological and market cooperation between operating of various countries, so as to render maximum the yield of the productive and trades systems. This is the philosophy that guides, also, the own actions of Consortium TDR.

  • To study and to do joint venture for agreements, between enterprises in the within of the enforced laws to international level
  • To rationalize of the own items of each one company interested with those of the other partners, to have compatibility and integration in the operations that everyone must carry out in the new situation, maximizing the economic and financial yield of all the participants
  • To establish the amble for everyone operator and the shapes of its control into integrated subject, in the respect of the single competences and responsibilities.

Joint Venture

Consortium TDR has experiences in the field of the JV.

In particular, the fields in which it has operated are:

  • Integration of the alimentary sector, from the agricultural production to the transformation, conservation and commercialization of the products
  • Integration, also temporary with associations ad hoc, in the field of the constructions that for its nature demands participations of various abilities and competences, which the urban planning, buildings architectures, pre fabricates structures, transport, putting in work, management of the erecting yards, realizations with various technologies applied, furnishings and, not last, commercialization.
  • Organization of multi market company in Joint Venture.
  • Integration of enterprises, also of various States, that they participate to Joint Venture, with the definition of roles, technologies, productive parameters, limits of cost, commercialization of products for everyone and for together.
  • Realization of Joint Venture of trading, between enterprises and/or Public Administration, Universities Centers and Institutes of management and professional.

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