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Project Management


Consortium TDR works for plans, activating and organizing work groups that in the entirety included the professional capacity necessary to their development, at the maximum degree of competence, in according with the philosophy of the Consortium.

  • The most important managerial techniques utilized are:
  • Project planning
  • Project budget
  • Project financial statement
  • Market access: above all for the foreign markets
  • Market assessment
  • Market condition
  • Market conduct
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Cost efficiency
  • Product development
  • Product differentiation, etc

Project Team

Consortium TDR have chosen do not to insert firmly into own organization expert in the several matters of interest, but to take advantage for every plan and program of the best external professional capability, selected between the available ones in the field of international advising, University, professions and managers.

  • Enterprises: Consortium TDR calls its o collaborate, forming “Temporary Associations of enterprise” (ATI - TEA) constituted for every great plan, where the technical, organizational competences and of control are carried out from the “Commitee” of the Consortium
  • Professional studies which as, for example, urban planning organization studies and/or building company: they are inserted of the temporary associations.
  • Expert and technical: they are engages with performance contracts for specific tasks Force
  • No profit organization: they are involved as voluntary in the plans that demand their participation to repay of expenses that are possible with the bestowal of grant in support of their activity and in rapport with the enforced norms of law

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